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PIPL Insight

  • Self-Sustainable Area & Enterprises Development

    Development is a continuous, time oriented and cyclic process hence socio- economic and spatial development should be pursued in a strategic framework where forecasting, planning, implementation, monitoring and review is done in a dynamic process integrating all aspects of development and all the stakeholders involved.

    PIPL is at the global forefront of pioneering and promoting the science of holistic area and enterprise development. PIPL believes in progressive & sustainable Development leveraging its powerful proprietary techniques and smart algorithms with following key insight:

    Cosmogenic Development Framework
    Universe is organized in a single & unified enterprise framework with definite agenda and architecture. All the constituents of this architecture from galaxies to planetary system to sub-atomic particles, while working itself as a mega to micro enterprises contribute to the mission of the universe. Hence development of the Universe is evolutionary and whole process of internal destruction and re-development is self-dynamic and self-correcting making this grand enterprise cosmogenic in nature.

               While earth is the dynamic constituent of its solar system, earth itself is a unique enterprise with definite agenda and architecture to sustain life in various forms. We can map the agenda and architecture of this great cosmogenic framework contributing to the self-sustainability and dynamic balance of the earth.

               Pattern and process study of the self-sustainable enterprises across sectors, regions and institutions shows universal existence of cosmogenic framework consisting of constituent components and activities structured in Holistic framework to make the whole enterprise self-sustainable. Evolution of great cities, corporates and institutions are testimony to this.

    System MAP® Technique
    Developed by the Team, led by our Founder Mr. Shyam Lal Singh. System-MAP® is the universal & holistic framework for understanding and driving the all aspects of area & enterprise development across regions, sectors and institutions. System MAP® is the exact mapping of cosmogenic framework for progressive and sustainable development. System MAP® Technique works as a powerful algorithmic engine and model for forecasting, planning, and managing the various operational activities and their relationship in a single and unified system approach. System MAP®defines the agenda and architecture of holistic development with comprehensive control and guiding mechanism. It makes area and enterprise development as an scientific and organized pursuit with clear mission, functions and role assigned to every stakeholder.

    Cardinal Principles
    1-   Sustainable development is evolutionary and pure science having definite dynamics and mechanics linked mathematically.
    2-   Holistic approach to development triggers the process of cosmogenesis leading to progressive & sustainable development.
    3-   Cosmogenic eco-system thus created drives the process of smart and inclusive development.

    Applications of System MAP® Technique
    In addition to numerous other applications, some of the focused applications of system map in area & enterprise development field are as follows :

    a) Area Development Applications
    1. Macro & Micro area development.
    2. Identification of projects and priorities.
    3. Smart City development.
    4. Eco Sensitive city and area development.
    5. Improvement in Governance and accountability.
    6. comprehensive assets management.
    7. Planned GDP Growth.
    8. Investment planning
    9. Planned E3 (Employment, Earning, Equality) growth.

    b) Enterprise Development Applications
    Some of the focused applications of system map in enterprise development as follows :
    1. Corporate and institutions development.
    2. Performance Planning
    3. Enterprise Structuring
    4. Regulatory & Risk Management
    5. Corporate Governance
    6. Operational Management
    7. Training & Multi-skill development